Splitface stones offer the best of both worlds. They have the natural rough appearance of stone and are easy and quick to install. Using the most advanced technology and manufacturing methodsour Splitface collection is made to last. Plus we have a wide-range ofversatile options. Bring several colour and style options to you customers andimpress them with our collection’s quality and modern design.


Our splitface wall cladding can add a captivating and elegant design to any interior or exterior space. With several colors and textures to choose from, our wall cladding has an option for any preference. Bring your customers a versatile, cost-effective, and easy to install product that will transform their property and continue to impress them for many years.


With its dry stack installation, our splitface ledger panels promote quick and efficient installation, making it a perfect choice for any project with a tight timeline and budget. Its durable design and strong composition it is ideal for both interior and exterior application. Impress your customers with our rustic and refined ledger panels